Working with us

The Talk About Local team has more experience of working with community websites than anyone else in the country. We partner with communities to help them find a voice online and with organisations who want to understand the local web and new media better.

Our clients range from local community groups to blue chip companies and governments. Money we make from clients who can pay subsidises our work with communities that can’t.  We have an ethical approach.

Talk About Local offers a wide range of training, advice and consultancy services all over the UK. Our approach is fresh and original, we use traditional face to face and leading edge online techniques subject to client need. Our rates are very reasonable – a day’s training from Talk About Local is about the same as a course in a popular IT package such as Photoshop. And we teach people to use free or nearly free services so you don’t even have to buy software.

To find out more just drop us a line via (or a variety of other methods) and the team will get in touch.

Community training

We deliver face to face training direct in your community. One or more of our trainers will listen to what local people want to achieve, take them through great examples of sites that will appeal to and inspire them. Then help them create a sustainable web site, Facebook page or twitter account there and then. Our training is rooted in the experience of running local sites.  It’s a no jargon, no nonsense approach with a relaxed style free from social media waffle.  If you can send email and browse the internet then you can set up a website you don’t need special skills and we although can show you the basics in minutes, a training session normally lasts a couple of hours.

Talk About Local training at Lower Green Esher

We then support clients over the phone, by email or using special software that allows us to log in to your machine over the internet and fix issues with you. Our support post training is generous – we love building relationships with people we train and help them out whenever we can.  We are still supporting casually some sites we helped people start in 2009.

We can deliver a package to match your budget and needs and work with individuals, small or large groups.

Corporate Training

If you want your staff to understand and be able to work with local websites then we can provide training to match your corporate goals.  We have delivered training workshops at corporate conference and run orientation sessions for staff. We can provide training media for your intranet such as flash howto videos or run webinars for you.

Training trainers

We train local trainers in our basic community approach – this can be online in a webinar, face to face or in a group session. For Channel4 we trained hundreds of community trainers across the country working with uk online centres. We used webinars to do this on time and within budget.  We make our webinars great fun with a strong emphasis on interaction and are delighted to keep getting strong feedback from participants.  If you are a trainer or a group of trainers looking for new skills in local online media please get in touch.

Campaigning and action

Talk About Local has remarkable experience of using the web to fight local campaigns and support causes.  William’s work in Kings Cross on regeneration using the web is often cited as good practice and featured in the recent book ’50 Campaigns to Shout About’.  We offer support and guidance to people who are in the thick of or planning a campaign and are using the internet.  This work is often done as part of our public service mission.

Advice and consultancy on modern and local media

We’ve amassed so much knowledge about how the modern web works at a local level that we are often asked to share this. We work with government departments, blue chip consultancies, media groups, councils, community engagement experts, housing providers to help them understand how a modern online voice works, what it should cost, how local campaigns work, even how open data can help.  If you are nervous about taking steps in this area, William’s public sector background means that we can be very discreet.

Clients love our imaginative, innovative approach based firmly in a grass roots experience of what works.   These services are bespoke and charged at a daily rate or as a lump sum.

Public Speaking

People seem to enjoy hearing us speak about the remarkable local people and their websites with which we work.  We accept speaking engagements on an ‘afford to pay’ basis.  If it’s a big commercial conference we charge, if it’s a community event we don’t and will even help you organise it.

To discuss more please get in touch via or via our contact page.