#TAL10 The Waitlist

We have released he next bunch of tickets to the waitlist this morning so check your inboxes.

Because of overwhelming demand for tickets and the size of the list we had used the totally unscientific method of drawing names out of the hat for this batch. If you have not recved an E-mail for a ticket, unfortunatley your name didn’t come out of the hat this time. We’ll keep you on the waitlist and if tickets get returned or more become available, we will release them.
If you do have a ticket that you can’t use, please do let us know so we can cancel it and reallocate it to someeebody who can use it.
We’ll be working away on the finer details of the conference over the next few days and will be posting more here soon.
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Michael Rawlins

Mike has been playing & publishing on the internet for over 17 years and specialises in the technical aspects of WordPress, moderation around contentious issues, and Geolocation of content.

Mike was one of the partners who ran the nationally acclaimed Pits n Pots website from 2008 - 2012, he now lives in Scotland where he contributes to My Turriff.
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