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Twitter – Verified or not?

Every now and then I come across a Twitter user who puts a ✔ after their user name or uses the words Verified Account in their profile. They do this to add an air of legitimacy to the account, to make them more plausible. I have seen an increase in and reported spammers over the last week who are using these ‘tricks’ to make them appear to be legitimate accounts. The spam users have been trying various phishing tricks to get people to part with various bits of information, usually with...

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Privacy in Facebook

As with the rest of the web, share only what you feel comfortable with on Facebook. You should familiarise yourself with Privacy settings (available under Account once you are logged in). It’s entirely up to you whether you treat Facebook as a private or public platform but just remember that it is not very easy to differentiate between different ‘circles’ of friends (for example, family and people you know from the Resident’s Association). We’ll go into more detail in a later post. Just remember: if you wouldn’t say it in...

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Twitter & OAuth

More and more of us are using Twitter to communicate or to promote our hyperlocal sites. Until recently (yesterday!) you had to authorise the different applications you use to automagically tweet out about your latest posts with your username & password. This as I’m sure you are all aware posed some security risks, we have all had random Direct Messages from your friends in the past asking you to rate who is the hottest out of Will Perrin & Eric Pickles or do you prefer Coke or Pepsi etc. Most...

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