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Talk About Local is often featured in newspapers and on television and radio.

If you’re looking for a spokesperson for a story about anything to do with community – or so-called hyperlocal – publishing, we’re happy to help so please give us a call.

We can field questions and speak knowledgeably on topics including the UK’s hyperlocal scene, local media, digital skills for communities, data for citizens, digital for the public sector, improving jobseekers’ prospects using online tools and the potential of augmented reality technology.

You can reach us on  0121 288 2910, @talkaboutlocal.

Explore some of our coverage below.

Augmented Reality
e-government bulletin: Augmented Reality is New Environment For Local Data

The Guardian: Geotagging: how local bloggers can help us escape ‘Starbucks Street’

BBC news: End of the road for paper maps?

Local media issues
BBC Radio4 Media Show: Local TV: Birmingham’s experience

The Guardian: Residents are increasingly setting up their own ‘hyperlocal’ websites – should councils be worried?

Trinity Mirror: Birmingham Mail launches hyperlocal communities initiative in partnership with local bloggers

The Guardian: The Hugh Cudlipp lecture: Does Journalism exist?

The Times: The Placebook Crowd (paywall, pictured above).

BBC London: Local websites tackling councils and the multinationals BBC Cojo and POLIS conference to feature session on ‘grassroots journalism’–039-grassroots-journalism-039-/s15/a538967/

BBC News: The fight for a right to report

About Talk About Local
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