Talk about local exists to help people find a voice online for their community.  We have a strong public service ethos, based upon years of running local websites ourselves and working with people to tackle local issues.

  • We keep things simple and focus on people rather than technology.
  • Our work is as much to give people confidence to try, as it is about training.
  • We help people find a voice of their own and won’t impose the voice of whoever is paying the bills.
  • We believe in civil online discourse – you can express even the most controversial views politely.
  • We are at our happiest outside the social media bubble working with people in an estate or isolated village.
  • We stick with people for months or years to help them find their feet, we know instant results are rare.
  • We don’t kid ourselves that this stuff is for everyone.
  • We charge people or organisations that can afford it in order to fund help and support for people who can’t.  We are a company limited by shares (for historic funding reasons) but aim to recycle surpluses into free training for people who can’t afford it.  One day we shall change our Mem. and Art.s to reflect this.

Our ethos evolves and isn’t set in stone.