Are you in Google News yet? Help us track it

As we reported earlier in the week, lots of hyperlocal news sites have found their way into Google News.

Presumably some changes have taken place in the giant algorithm and now it seems people searching for local news and information in some areas are as likley to be presented with a hyperlocal blog as they are a local newspaper.

But how extensive is this? And is it all, or just some, content that’s being displayed?

If you run a hyperlocal site, would you spare a moment to help us carry out a quick survey?

I’ve set up this shared Google document to record responses and started it off with a couple we already know about.

If you’ve got a minute over the weekend, please could you carry out a search within Google News for something you’ve recently published and see what you get back in the search result.

This move, coupled with news of hopeful moves by the BBC to include links to hyperlocal sites in their local pages adds up to another good week for hyperlocal – greater visibility and, hopefully, even more connectivity.

Have a great weekend!