Announcing the #TAL12 Unawards

Philip John superman

Philip John thought his #TAL11 Unaward was really super (photo by Joseph Stashko)

As is tradition at our unconferences there will be will be some glittering Unawards prizes at #TAL12. Hyperlocal innovation and excellence will be rewarded with the best Latifs (‘Where Choice Meets Price’) has to offer. In the past this has included a child-sized Superman costume, an oven glove, a Michael Jackson alarm clock and a broken walking stick.

We’re hoping you can help us by suggesting the winners in these and any other categories you can think of:

  • Overall winner
  • Best story/post
  • Best investigation/investigative reporting
  • Best community engagement
  • Best council coverage
  • Most innovative use of data

Please give us your suggestions in the comments box or on the #TAL12 Google group. The TAL team will then get thinking on the very best prizes for the best in hyperlocal!